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Nohrlund Pitcher

  • Nohrlund cocktail jugs
  • 30 jugs in a box
  • 1 piece. = 1 box
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Nohrlund jugs for cocktails
Nohrlund is a universe of award-winning, organic cocktails and world- class cocktail experiences. Nohrlund is passion. For cocktails, for elegance, for the simple and the beautiful. In the summer of 2014, Nohrlund was formed by a group of bartenders with a shared passion for cocktails. The dream was to create cocktails that could be enjoyed and served by anyone with a taste for quality. Regardless of location, purpose, and regardless of the fact that they themselves did not have the knowledge needed to make the perfect cocktail. After a magical summer, marked by a fierce hunt to find just the right recipes, the three original Nohrlund cocktails we know and love came into being. The foundation for Nohrlund had been created. Only half a year had to pass before Nohrlund really established his name on the international scene. As the first pre-mixed producer ever, Nohrlund won resp. silver, gold and double gold at the World Spirit Competition in San Francisco. On that occasion, it was underlined that pre-mixed cocktails should for the future be counted among the world's top of the best taste experiences, on an equal footing with the biggest and best-known brands. At the same time, Nohrlund placed Denmark on the world map as the place where the world's best pre-mixed cocktail was created. But Nohrlund is more than fantastic bottled cocktails. It is a universe of unique cocktail experiences that unfolds to this day at some of the biggest festivals, the best restaurants, cafes and bars, and at major national and international events. It can be done because Nohrlund, like no other others, can deliver the highest, consistent quality. Quickly. Effectively. And on a large scale. Without ever compromising on the perfect cocktail experience. At Nohrlund, we also pay tribute to the good cooperation, and we could never have come here if it had not been for the many people who have shown us enormous trust and hospitality over the years. On the other hand, we also know that our journey only has begun and that we will meet many more inspiring people on our way. It will be fantastic, and we look forward to spreading Nohrlund to everyone who shares and wants to share our passion.