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Terms Of Trade Royal Unibrew A/S

General terms

These terms and conditions (hereinafter the "Terms") apply to trading with Royal Unibrew A / S (hereinafter "Royal Unibrew") whether this is done via the webshop, via the Call Center or via another channel.

The terms apply in addition to the trade agreement for the supply of goods at any given time between you and Royal Unibrew. In the event of any conflict between these Terms and your trade agreement the trade agreement takes precedence. You can find more terms in your trade agreement terms of payment, prices, quantities, terms for lending of refrigerators and other equipment, etc.

If you do not have a trade agreement with Royal Unibrew, these Terms apply.

Only traders with company address in Denmark and registered as a customer with Royal Unibrew can shop at Royal Unibrew. When registering the customer relationship with Royal Unibrew the customer is assigned a customer number and a password that gives access to the webshop. In the webshop Royal Unibrews product range can be purchased at any time.



Normal order must be placed no later than at. 16.00 two business days before the agreed fixed delivery day. Eg. Order placed Monday before 4pm for delivery Wednesday. In addition, Royal Unibrew offers the following types of delivery:

Pickup - by ordering before 16:00, the order can be picked up no earlier than 48 hours after by one of Royal Unibrew's terminals, if this is a weekday. There is no charge for Pickup order.

Rush order - delivery on the next working day after the order is placed. The order must be delivered before 14.00 on the day before the desired delivery. Rush order fee is DKK 800.

Rush / Pickup - the customer picks up his order next week at one of Royal Unibrews terminals. The order must be placed before 14:00, the day before the desired pick-up. Fee for Rush / Pickup amounts to DKK 800

Alternate Delivery Day - the customer changes his fixed agreed delivery date for a single order to a new one day. The order must be placed before 14:00 and can be delivered no earlier than 48 hours after the order is placed, if this is an everyday life. No alternative delivery day fee is charged, but Royal Unibrew reserves the right to reject alternative delivery day.

Orders must be ordered with a minimum order value of DKK 1,600 including pledge excl. VAT.

Service charge for orders under DKK 1,600, amounts to DKK 150.00 per order excl. VAT.


Terms & Conditions

All deliveries are made to the customer's warehouse / store if the delivery conditions for this comply with the requirements of the beverage industry's guide to handling beer and soft drinks. The instructions can be viewed at, select "Work Environment Topics -> Ergonomics -> Lift and Work Positions" and then find the product "The beverage industry - distribution and stock". Note that the driver does not put goods on space in the warehouse itself.

Prices, discounts and payment terms

All prices are incl. all taxes, but excl. mortgage, VAT and fees. Reservations are made for printing errors, tax and price changes.

Discounts and payment terms follow the trade agreement between you and you at any time Royal Unibrew.

If you do not have an existing trade agreement with Royal Unibrew, Royal Unibrews will always find current price list use without discounts and payment terms are net cash at delivery.

When placing an order, you will shortly receive an order confirmation on your affiliate mail.

NOTE. Your order will not constitute a binding agreement with Royal Unibrew until you receive an email that your order is packed.

Your invoice will be sent on your associated email.



Royal Unibrew only supplies goods to companies and other legal entities that act as part of their profession. The right of withdrawal for Internet commerce does not apply to traders, cf. Consumer Contracts. Therefore, your purchase can only be returned if there is a defect, cf. below under "Complaints". No return policy applies to any item supplied by Royal Unibrew, unless otherwise specifically agreed.



Returns of defective or defective goods can be made by contacting Royal Unibrew's call center at: or phone: +45 56 77 16 00.

Royal Unibrew reserves the right (at your option) to give a proportionate discount in the price of defective or defective goods or to replace them. Royal Unibrew picks up defective or defective goods that are exchanged or returned in connection with the next agreed delivery day.

If the transaction is canceled in whole or in part, the money will be refunded by account transfer to that account you inform to Royal Unibrew. If you receive goods free of charge, no money will be refunded therefor.


Return freight

Royal Unibrew takes, as far as possible, its own empty goods on return. Return of empty goods must can be ordered by contacting Royal Unibrew's Call Center by phone: +45 56 77 16 00.

Empty goods must be prepared, ie placed on the EUR pallet at the loading and unloading site. Empty goods must be sorted according to DRS's current requirements for purification sorting.

Special conditions regarding plated cans / disposable packaging. The return of plated cans and other disposable packaging is handled by Dansk Retursystem A / S,

Baldersbuen 1, 2640 Hedehusene. Customer service, tel. 42 32 32 32.


Personal information and cookies

To shop at Royal Unibrew, you must provide a number of information about your business, below name, CVR number and address etc. Royal Unibrew needs this information in order to keep informed you of your order, deliveries, etc. The information will only be made available to Royal Unibrew's group affiliates or affiliates, if necessary for cooperation with the customer. The processing of your personal information follows Royal Unibrews into one any applicable personal data policy, which you can find on

When using the webshop and other Royal Unibrew websites, Royal Unibrew uses cookies which are small data files stored on your computer or other device. You can read more about using cookies in Royal Unibrews for a cookie policy that can be found at Royal Unibrew site you visit.



Royal Unibrew assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information, including in the form of price increases, key errors, sold out or expired items. Royal  Unibrew cannot guarantee that the webshop operates flawlessly at all times and cannot be held responsible for any disruptions, downtime etc.



Royal Unibrew reserves the right to change these Terms without notice.