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Terms of use 

This website is owned and managed by Royal Unibrew A/S (hereinafter ‘’Royal Unibrew).

These terms and conditions (hereinafter the ‘’Terms’’) set out the terms and conditions between you and Royal Unibrew, when you use this website. The Terms apply to anyone who visits this website.

The Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you, or the business you represent, (hereinafter ‘’You’’) and Royal Unibrew. The terms shall be interpreted in connection with other applicable terms and conditions as well as other information on our website about how the website works and the available services.

When you purchase goods or services through this website, Royal Unibrew’s Trade Conditions in force at the time in question apply – see this [LINK] and so does the Business Agreement concerning supply of goods between You and Royal Unibrew in force at the time in question.

We also recommend that you read our privacy policy and cookie policy.

Content on the website

The content on the website is only intended as general information. Royal Unibrew does not warrant that the information is correct, complete or updated and Royal Unibrew does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage arisen as a result of the use of such information.

Your information

If you are requested to register your information, hereunder in connection with sign-up on our website, the information you give shall be true, correct and complete. You are obliged to inform Royal Unibrew about changes to your information.

You are obliged to handle all sign-up information, including username and login as confidential and you shall not pass on this information to others. Royal Unibrew may in its sole discretion and at any time deactivate your access, if Royal Unibrew assesses that there is a risk of abuse of your information or if you violate the conditions in these Terms.

If you know or suspect that others have knowledge about your information, you shall immediately inform Royal Unibrew on or phone +45 56 77 16 00.

Use of the website

It is prohibited to use our website for illegal purposes, including:

- against local, national or international law,

- in a way where minors are harmed or exposed to improper influence,

- for posting, downloading, uploading, using or reusing material, which does not comply with Royal Unibrew’s content standards (described below),

- for any kind of advertisement, which has not been approved by Royal Unibrew, including posting or transmission of unsolicited or unauthorized material or other inquiries (spam),

- for transferring, sending or uploading or in any other way transmitting data that contains virus and can harm or negatively affect hardware, software or other units,

- reproducing, copying or reselling any data from our website,

- sharing content on or from the website with persons under the age of 18.

Content standards

This section applies to all material that You contribute with to our website as well as all interactive services associated with this website. These standards apply to the entire contribution as well as every single part of it.


All observations, expressions, opinions or reviews on the website are the writer’s responsibility and may not in any circumstances be regarded as stating an opinion of Royal Unibrew. You are responsible for your contributions, including for having the necessary rights and permissions to the material you share. Your contribution shall:

- be precise and correct in cases where it states facts and be sincere in cases where it states opinions,

- comply with applicable local, national or international law, including laws in any other country from which the contribution was sent.

Royal Unibrew shall in its sole discretion decide if these Terms have been violated. In case of violation Royal Unibrew will in its sole discretion take appropriate measures. Royal Unibrew reserves the right to delete the material and content you have contributed with in whole or in part.

If Royal Unibrew does not delete material or take other measures, it shall not be regarded as stating that Royal Unibrew supports, acknowledges or accepts the content. 

Contributions shall not:

- promote any kind of illegal activity, including being defamatory or harassing,

- be misleading, offensive, insulting, obscene, derogative or inappropriate in any other way,

- promote sexual content,

- promote any forms of violence, threats or privacy violation,

- promote any form of discrimination including discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability or age,

- promote irresponsible handling or consumption of alcohol, including encouraging any kind of alcohol consumption by minors,

- violate copyrights, trademarks or other immaterial rights,

- violate legal obligations to a third party, including e.g. contractual obligations or duty of confidentiality,

- give the expression that the sender has another identity that the actual identity or contribute to misrepresent a person’s identity.

- give the expression that it has been aligned with or approved by Royal Unibrew.



Interactive services


Interactive services will be available on our website, e.g. for displaying videos. These interactive services are e.g., but not limited to:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo

When Royal Unibrew offers interactive services, it will be clearly stated, how the service is moderated (manually or technically).

Royal Unibrew is not obliged to monitor and control interactive services. Royal Unibrew disclaims all liability in connection with any loss or damage that would occur as a result of a user's use of interactive services.


Intellectual rights

Royal Unibrew is the owner or licensor of all intellectual rights on the website, including texts, trademarks, slogans, logos etc. You shall not, without consent from Royal Unibrew, use including copy or change Royal Unibrew’s trademarks, slogans, logos or other intellectual rights.

When you upload material on our website you give Royal Unibrew an unlimited, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferrable right to use, reproduce, produce, copy or change the content in connection with the services, which are provided on the website as well as for use in any other media and on any platform.



Royal Unibrew reserves the right to change these Terms, including to make additions or amendments or to delete content without prior notice.

We encourage you to visit our website and these Terms on a regular basis to see changes of applicable Terms. 

Royal Unibrew cannot guarantee that the website or its content is free from flaws and deficiencies.