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Egekilde 4-mix

  • Natural mineral water with sparkling fizz
  • Mix pallet with 4 variants
  • CO2 neutral
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Mix pallet with the following variants: - Egekilde Citrus - Egekilde Peach/Sea buckthorn - Egekilde Raspberry/Rhubarb - Egekilde Elderflower/Lime
Egekilde is natural mineral water from an underground spring in a forest in South Zealand. The water is approx. 100 years to run through the ground, where it is gently purified by filtering through the calcareous subsoil. The crystal-clear water is then brought up from the ground again and bottled. Nature is the most important thing we have, and we must take care of it – that's why Egekilde is CO2-Neutral. Fortunately, we can all help make a difference to the climate by making small, good choices in everyday life. Egekilde has made its choice and has chosen to be CO2 neutral - because nature is the most important thing we have, and we must take good care of it. With our CO2 neutrality, we go in and compensate for the impact Egekilde has on the environment. In collaboration with the consulting company COWI, we have calculated how we can reduce Egekilde's CO2 footprint (carbon footprint) all the way – from the source to the fridge. For you, this means that you have the opportunity to enjoy natural Egekilde mineral water without it burdens the climate. We call that pure natural power. And it feels as good as it tastes.