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Delivery conditions

All deliverys is by truck over 3500 kg and require firm ground (asphalt/ tile/ gravel / road surface) against the parking option. 

All delivery require firm ground (tile/ asphalt) from the trucks park option up to the place of delivery. 

Delivery to the customers warehouse/ store, if the delivery conditions comply with the requirements of the beverage industrys guide to handle beer and soft drinks. 

You can find the instructions here in danish.

Please note the driver does not drive the items into the warehouse. 



As much it is possible will Royal Unibrew take own emty goods return in connection to the delivery. 

Empty goods shall be ready, that means placed on EUR palle on the load and onload point. The emty goods shall be sorted by DRS´s applicable requriements to sorting  by color, format and box size. 

If needed requir the guide at RU's customer service. 

Special conditions regarding deposit on one-time emballage. 

Dansk Retursystem A/S, Baldersbuen 1, 2640 Hedehusene is responsible of the return of deposit one-time emballage. Customer service tlf. + 45 42 32 32 32.


Delivery changes for holidays

Due to the holidays are your delivery days are changed. The site will be continuously updated in related to the holidays. You can find the delivery days on the top of our site. Please remember to place your order due time.