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Adelhardt Eco Cranberry Juice

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100% organic cranberry is very aromatic, bursting with flavor and is an intense experience.
Egon Adelhardt had been working in bottling for 13 years when he decided to become a manufacturer in the late 1940. He explored the country to find the largest town without it’s own soda factory and fell for Ribe, where in 1949 he opened his mineral water factory. In the beginning it was soda that Egon produced, but in 1952 you could read in the Danish Dagbladet Vestkysten an advertisement where Egon Adelhardt encouraged the locals in Ribe to come by with their fallen apples - then he had to sign with must. Organic and handmade, so it basks. It was the start of a September tradition, where in the following years you could see people with baskets full of apples standing in line far down the street where the factory was located. This is how the story of Adelhardt begins, which here 70 years later, can offer a strong portfolio of delicious sodas, juices and juices made from good, pure organic ingredients, full of flavor and produced in Denmark.